In My Defence,
I Was Restless 

Adriano La Licata at Project Space (GSA)

 Appropriation and re-deploying are among the main tactics Adriano La Licata adopted during his Glasgow’s sightseeing. An in-house video installation (Dirk Sonoy, 2017) is displayed above a carpenter’s pallet, a wavy arrow is borrowed from city council signage, and two wax sculptures have been cast into a traffic cone holder – a witty homage to the Duke of Wellington statue’s  ‘headgear’. Circumventing low-cost airlines’ restrictions and UK post office delivery, Adriano La Licata also experiments with a new collapsible artwork (I Could Have Been a Boy, Maybe, Probably I Was a Cat Indeed, 2017), ready to be folded within a cabin-size luggage; to complete the series of ‘portable rest’, made of his own pillow (Safety Vest, 2017) and his DIY pair of sneakers. In My Defence, I was Restless discloses an enhanced status of locality, where artworks inhabit the third dimension of ‘in-between’. 

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Photo Credits Adriano La Licata
This exhibition is part of The Art School Projects and it is supported by ASA Glasgow School of Art
flows in every direction, which cannot be controlled, retained, or contained, this same disorganizing force may become, for someone who knows how to deal with it, the very springboard of transcendence.