Falte | noun, German

(1) An undulation in stratified rocks

(2) To bend something

FALTE is an inclusive and organic research plan addressing alternative grammars, productive acts of emancipation, and unorthodox working relationship . FALTE strives to foster lasting alliances, which results in different formats of exhibitions, residencies, lectures, workshops envisioned with institutions and autonomous professionals.

Inspired by the phenomenon of geological folds, FALTE is a strategy of thinking that generates a permanent stress, deforms, and rebuts defective systems of power and hierarchies of work. In German, falte indicates a flexible warping of stratified rocks as a result of a direct and constant pressure. Whilst the warping appears so imperceptible that the inclination of the strata is initially invisible, the steady rocks distribution is permanently altered while settling into asymmetric structures.

Following this intuition, the iterations of FALTE comprise a series of pilot experiments playing with different critical and theoretical tools to filter endemic patriarchal policies out. Spurred by a commitment in co-authoring and exploring production within the economy of presence, the outcome of FALTE as an open-ended process reflects together with counter narratives and different imagery.

FALTE is formalised in 2017 by curator Giulia Colletti.