SPAZI Festival 2018

Fabbrica del Vapore Milan

SPAZI is a project aiming to discover the Milan-based independent realities, which promote the dissemination of contemporary art through their activities.

Giulia Colletti is one of the Guest Curator of the Festival 2018.  She is part of  SkiesLab, a three-day laboratory taking the cue from a conversation with Bite the Saurus (Dalia Maini e Vincenzo Di Marino), Claudia Contu, and Dario Moalli. The first two days will be focussed on issues related to not-profit realities. The last day, each curator will present their own practice in relation to an invited guest. 

Giulia Colletti will introduce FALTE Projects while inviting curator Caterina Molteni (co-founder of TILE Projects and co-organizer of Super Condomio at Castello di Rivoli in Turin) and artist Alice Visentin (co-founder of SpazioBuonasera) for a conversation on their practice.

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Դուխով - Dukhov, a new film Դուխով - Dukhov, a new filmx Դուխով - Dukhov, a new film

Knots of Resistance

Curatorial Residency at the Art and Cultural Studies Laboratory Yerevan

Knots of Resistance is a project responding to the invitation of curator Giulia Colletti to artist Ross Little to extend their collaborative research in Yerevan. The in-depth analysis of the territory and its socio-political dynamics has eventuated in a newly commissioned moving image work, accompanied by a publication. Drawing upon the participatory action experienced during the Velvet Revolution in Armenia and the collective awareness in historical accounts of Faslane Peace Camp in Scotland, Knots of Resistance addresses the oppositional relation between ‘Choreopolitics’ and ‘Choreopolice’. It reflects upon the rehearsal, care, and maintenance of the gesture of freedom, as an entanglement of socialities and intersubjective actions. Appreciating the remark of Mierle Laderman Ukeles, Knots of Resistance embraces her urgent reservation,“after the revolution, who's going to pick up the garbage on Monday morning?”

In conceiving this collaborative project, Giulia Colletti and Ross Little adopted experimental theories of montage and film cuts. Direct observations, involvement, and encounters of local practitioners, contributed to represent the articulation of the demonstrations and their inner strategies of alliance, as well as to produce a polyphonic impromptu archive on the political imagination envisaged in these zones of intensity. 

The first instalment of the moving image Դուխով (Dukhov) is presented in the frame of Obeying Durations, group exhibition at 16 Nicholson Street (Glasgow) from 6th till 28th July 2018.

Photo Credits Ross Little
Special thanks to ACSL program director Susanna Gyulamiryan. This project is kindly supported by European Cultural Foundation and 16 Nicholson Street.
More infoukhov, a new film


On General Antagonism
Praising Informal Interstices

Curatorial Residency at The Lab PANDEO Mexico City

A public conversation on infiltration and hostile intelligence as critical implement, taking the cue from the ultimate debate on blackness and fugitive logics, as theorized by Stefano Harney and Fred Moten. Their notion of Undercommons as social refusal to stagnant politics is rooted in daily actions like talking, walking, working, dancing, and suffering, which establish forms of knowledge in themselves. In this regard, Mexico City embodies ‘self-organised ensembles of social life’, which produce their own unregulated dis-order. Its blackness resides in the informal interstices where neither colonialism nor white market can seep into. Do these sites just epitomize chaos and disobedience or do they disclose counter narratives, questioning state-approved and/or market-oriented actions? Considerations and observations originating from this study session with artist Eduardo Abaroa, Carlos Amorales, and participants eventuate in a ‘carta abierta’. 

As part of the event, a screening of The Heavy of Your Body Parts and The Cool Air of the Air Condition by Scottish artist Ross Little (Glasgow, 1989) will be presented. Filmed over a cruise ship voyage, this documentary incorporates cinematic shots and rough moving images to investigate on globalized labour force and the condition of economic migrants. While the first section conflates the polarized experience of digital nomads and cruise ship subordinates, the latter presents a ship breaking in India, where scraps are re-sold in the local swap meet. The self-representation of ‘autonomous worktrotters’ collides with corporative obligation of ship breakers into a linguistic and environmental antagonism. On this occasion, Ross Little agreed to sell bootlegs of the movie The Heavy of Your Body Parts and The Cool Air of the Air Condition in Tepito street market, as time-based intervention on informal film distribution.

Photo Credits Abraham Cr
This event is part of the Lab Program in  partnership with Pandeo, Aeromoto, and Frontera 115 (Mexico City). Aeromoto also invited Giulia Colletti to take part in Las Mesas Curadas. Special Thanks to: Carlos Amorales; Miguel Cinta Robles; Valeria Montoya 

Our Future Network: Practices of Alliance with Alex Martinis Roe

FALTE took part in VOZ RARA, a season of public programming
curated by Valerio Del Baglivo and Anna Santomauro, curators-in-residence at Grand Union (Birmingham). ‘Our Future Network’ is an event coinceived in the frame of  VOZ RARA.

enves up making the distinctDuring the workshop it has been undertaken a series of exercises led by artist Alex Martinis Roe that expand on proposals generated by her film project To Become Two to develop further propositions for feminist political practices. More specifically, these new propositions attempted to foster political alliances, facilitating collaboration among distinct political engagements that nevertheless have compatible objectives. 

#Falte Protocol: Practice the Ethical